Sunday, December 11, 2016

Computer Networking Quiz 1

1. In which machine the data and resources are not capable to shared?
A) Client
B) Network Computer
C) Stand Alone
D) None of these

2. How much transmission speed on the Fiber Optical of FDDI Optical Cable?
A) 500 meter
B) 1000 meter
C) 100 meter
D) 2000 meter

3. Token Ring can operate at transmission speeds of -
A) 1000 Mbps
B) 100 Mbps
C) .23 Mbps
D) 4-16 Mbps

4. In which network the satelite is used?
B) Star
C) Bus

5. Which is the connection less protocol?
D) B & c

Basic Computer Knowledge Quiz 6

1. A barcode is made up -
A) Vertical lines and Spaces
B) Horizontal lines
C) Horizontal lines and Spaces
D) None of these

2. OCR can be used to automatically recognize post codes on letters at sorting offices. What is the full form of OCR?
A) Optical Code Recognization
B) Optical Character Resource
C) Optical Character Recognization
D) Optical Code Reader

3. How much pins in DDR SDRAM?
A) 120
B) 168
C) 184
D) 144

4. A program which is converted the High level language into the low level language is called -
A) Programming Language
B) Application Software
C) System Software
D) Compiler

5. MATLAB is a high level technical computing language.What is the full form of MATLAB?
A) Mathematics Laboratory
B) Matrix Laboratory
C) Material Laboratory
D) None of the above

Basic Computer Knowledge Quiz 5

1. The word 'computer' is  derived from the word -
A) 'computare'
B) 'compute'
C) 'computation'
D) none of these

2. ICL-1900 is an example of -
A) 1st generation computer
B) 2nd generation computer
C) 3rd generation computer
D) 5th generation computer

3. To arrange the item with the equivalent characteristics in collection or class is called as -
A) summarizing
B) classifying
C) sorting
D) calculating

4. Which of the followings is the word length of mini computer?
A) 16 bits
B) 64 bits
C) 32 bits
D) 128 bits

5. Which is used to convert analog signals from a video camera into a digital format?
A) Joystick
B) Remote Control
C) Microphone
D) Video Digitizer

Basic Computer Knowledge Quiz 4

1. How much pins are available in DIMM memory chips?
A) 120
B) 168
C) 184
D) 144

2. Which is the first program that is stored in memory when the computer is 'on'?
A) Program
B) Multiprogramming
C) Operating System
D) None of these

3. ON-LINE processing is also known as -
A) Batch Processing
B) serial Processing
C) SEquential Processing
D) Random-Access Processing

4. ctrl+spacebar helps user to -
A) select a text
B) copy a text
C) remove formatting from your document
D) create a space between two words

5. Maximum size of a graphic is -
A) 45 inches
B) 45.10 inches
C) 45.51 inches
D) 45.71 inches

Basic Computer Knowledge Quiz 3

1. The smallest section of disk space that can be accessed by programs, depending on the filing system used this will consist of one or more sectors is called -
B) cluster
C) codec
D) clipboard

2. The first high level language is -
A) 'C' language

3. The place where data that you have cut or copied is stored until you are ready to paste it, is called -
B) cluster
C) codec
D) clipboard

4. Which of the following allows user to save the current file as a web page?
A) Save
B) Save as
C) Save for web
D) Export

5. Which is not a non-impact printer?
A) Thermal Printer
B) Ink Jet Printer
C) Laser Printer
D) Daisywheel Printer